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Tū Mai Taonga delivers impact

"The best Christmas present I ever had was no rats," says Māhuki resident Elaine Ngawaka.

"None in the house, no smell of rat poo anywhere. I hope it continues for a long time until we can eradicate the [feral] cats as well."

Elaine was talking about the success of the Tū Mai Taonga project in a recent episode of the Island Stories podcast, first broadcast on Aotea FM.

The project has just published its Year in Review report for the June AGM of the Ngāti Rehua Ngāti Wai Ki Aotea Trust.

It shows the project invested $1.46 million on Aotea last year, created 30 local jobs - allowing mana whenua to return home and build livelihoods, delivered 130 training sessions and enabled 61 formal qualifications, and is paving the way for the restoration of the island’s indigenous biodiversity.

Tū Mai Taonga’s 2023 Impact Report is available at:

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