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Ngāti Rehua Ngātiwai ki Aotea Trust

The Ngāti Rehua Ngātiwai ki Aotea Trust has set the vision and tikanga for the Tū Mai Taonga project.

It has appointed a Project Steering Committee to support delivery of the project.

Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee is a partnership between mana whenua and the Aotea Conservation Community with delegated responsibilities for overseeing and monitoring project implementation.

The members of the steering committee are:

• Opo Ngawaka (Chair) - Mana Whenua - NRNWKA Trust

• Marilyn Stephens - Mana Whenua - NRNWKA Trust

• Paula Williams - Mana Whenua 

• Izzy Fordham - Community - Local Board

• Kate Waterhouse - Community - Nominee

• Sue Daly - Community - Nominee

Project Team

A small project team provides management support for the project.

Makere Jenner

Project Lead

Chris Giblin

Feral Cat Operations Manager

Kerryn Johnson

Rat Operations Manager

Tim Higham

Communications Manager

Dave Braddock

Finance Manager 

Michelle Fisher

Administration Manager

Technical Advisory Group

A Technical Advisory Group provides expert advice and peer review of the feasibility study and operation plans for the Tū Mai Taonga project. 


Jo Ritchie, Chairperson - Experienced project manager who has been involved in many successful conservation initiatives around the country.

Fiona Cameron -  Marketing, data analysis, community survey expert, including the 2020 North Aotea resident survey.

Biz Bell - Ecologist and pest management expert with national and international experience, including long term monitoring of Aotea’s tākoketai/black petrel.

Judy Gilbert -  Windy Hill Rosalie Bay Catchment Trust manager with 20 years on-island pest management and monitoring knowledge.

John Innes - Leading NZ pest mammal and forest ecologist, experienced with sanctuaries and biodiversity monitoring.

John Parkes - Vertebrate pest ecologist, consulting internationally including feral cat eradication planning.

Scott Sambell - Conservation technology and GIS specialist, ex Glenfern Sanctuary manager and experienced rodent dog handler.

Kat Strang - Studied feral cat behaviour on islands, now working on a landscape scale animal pest management project to protect kiwi and kōkako.

Reference Documents

Tū Mai Taonga has produced a 2023 Impact Report to highlight the continued progress of the project since the end of 2022. Anchored in the Tikanga of Ngāti Rehua Ngātiwai ki Aotea, the project has commenced operations on the pathway to the eradication of feral cats and rats across Aotea. 

Read the 2023 Impact Report here:

Read the 2022 Year in Review here:

Feasibility Study
In November 2021, Kurahaupo Consulting prepared a summary of the rationale for pest
management on Aotea developed by the Aotea Great Barrier Environmental Trust as a proposal for Jobs for Nature funding.
It provides a formal study of what is feasible in relation to feral cat and rat eradication or control given the current and potential tools and constraints of their use and offers background details on how the project might be implemented.

THE TŪ MAI TAONGA PROJECT: Towards removing feral cats and rodents from Aotea, Great Barrier Island. John Parkes, Kurahaupo Consulting Contract Report: 2022/24

A Pathway to Eradication
Following the review of the Kurahaupo Consulting feasibility study by the Tū Mai Taonga Technical Advisory Group and the project’s funders, a Pathway to Eradication was defined. This longer-term, adaptive approach to realising a predator-free future for Aotea helped the project secure commitments from funders and is guiding operational planning.

Tū Mai Taonga: A Pathway to Eradication, October 2022

Operational Plan Summary
At the ‘Pestival’ event in November Operations Manager Chris Giblin introduced Tū Mai Taonga’s operational approach; particularly its first phase work in the Te Paparahi area.

Pestival Presentation October 2022

Collaborating agencies

The Tū Mai Taonga project is reliant on the support of many collaborating organisations including:


Aotea Great Barrier Environmental Trust


Aotea Great Barrier Island Local Board


Auckland Council


Department of Conservation


Glenfern and Kotuku Peninsula Trust

Jobs for Nature


Kawa Marae


Motairehe Marae


Motu Kaikoura Trust


Okiwi Community Ecology Project

Predator Free 2050


Windy Hill Sanctuary and Rosalie Bay Catchment Trust


 And landowners and residents around the motu.

Tū Mai Taonga is proudly supported by the following organisations:

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