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The Tū Mai Taonga Project is seeking expressions of interest for field work in northern Aotea - GBI

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The Tū Mai Taonga project is seeking expressions of interest from contracting companies for the provision of labour for field work in the north of Aotea Great Barrier Island.

Expressions of interest are also welcome from individuals who wish to fill field roles in the project.

The Tū Mai Taonga Project is a significant project for conservation efforts on Aotea and in New Zealand.

It has attracted funding support from Auckland Council and the Jobs for Nature - Mahi mō te Taiao programme through Predator Free 2050 Limited and the Department of Conservation.

It is led and guided by the tikanga of the Ngāti Rehua Ngātiwai ki Aotea Trust.

Tū Mai Taonga will be a landscape-scale predator eradication operation and its operational methods and learnings are expected to attract new investment and inform predator control efforts across Aotea.

The project is currently supported by a small management team and its delivery model is designed to support on-island organisations and individuals in the building of skills and a long-term conservation workforce.

The project’s initial goal is to remove feral cats from large areas of rugged forested country in the north of the island and to suppress rat levels using ground-based methods.

The work will need to be delivered to best practice standards and will be directed by the project’s Operations Manager.

Required work will involve the marking and cutting of tracks, deployment of infrastructure, trapping, baiting, use of detector dogs, shooting, use of mapping, communications and camera technologies, data reporting, biodiversity monitoring and landowner liaison.

We are seeking expressions of interest to gauge the interest and capacity of companies, organisations or individuals currently on Aotea Great Barrier Island interested in providing these services.

Up to 20 full-time-equivalent field workers are expected to be required over the next 36 months for operations beginning around June 2022.

If you are interested in contributing to conservation on Aotea and are excited by the kaupapa of Tū Mai Taonga please indicate:

If you are a company or organisation:

  • Your current capacity to provide field staff.

  • Your potential capacity to provide field staff from June 2022 and from November 2022.

  • The levels of experience and skills of your workforce.

  • Any specialist skills you have that would be useful to the project.

  • Any gaps in training or experience that you would require the project to fill.

  • Details of any public liability insurance, health and safety or quality control protocols that are relevant to the services you are offering.

  • Your rates per hour for labour.

  • Your capacity to provide transport, PPE, and/or specialised field and data recording equipment or whether you would require the project to supply this.

If you are an individual:

  • Your experience with conservation and/or field work.

  • Any specialist skills that you have that would be useful to the project.

  • Any specific areas of training or experience that you have or would like to gain.

  • Your availability in terms of start date and hours per week.

  • Your preference to work as a contractor or employee.

All information will be treated in confidence.

We expect to engage the services of a number of contracting entities and individuals over the life of the project.

We will use expressions of interest to assess the capacity of on island labour providers, with a view to entering into service agreements with entities and individuals which match the requirements of the project as it develops.

Please email your registration of interest by April 7th to or contact us below:

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